android application development


Big Faction Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a well-thought-of Android application development company in India, that belives in driving the technological revolution with innovative ideas and creative sparks. We understand and follow the Android world through each thread, and therefore are well-placed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, consistently, swiftly and efficiently.

The smartphone segment is booming, and so do the Android app world, which holds roughly 80% of the market share. With everyone on the move these days, accessing the virtual world through hand-held devices, it will be fairly right to say that applications are the most engaging platform for the consumers.

We understand that each and every business has its own needs and distinguished service pattern and target audience. That is why, we incorporate a completely tailored plan that is based on the ideology to draft your imagination and business objective into a reflective, receptive and catchy Android app development. We pledge and are fully committed to develop the product that you are looking for, that is unique, symbolizes your brand and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

When you are looking for a specific application, then you want them explicitly suitable to your ideology and requirement. Creating the product tailored to client’s need forms the core of our practice. Whether you require an app designed for the Android mobile platforms, or for a specific tablet sphere, we will deliver you the finalized products exactly the way you want.

Our Wide Array Of Solutions Includes Every Spectrum Of Application Category That Rightly Fits Your Need:

Custom apps – specific to your business, brand or personalization

Game apps – all kinds of games, from racing, to puzzle, educative, and others

E-commerce apps – integrated e-commerce models with unique, mesmerizing and engaging customer experience

Enterprise apps – business focused applications, covering all the enterprise solutions

Travel apps – from travel blog to travel booking, all kinds of travel related apps

Utility apps – any type of utility section that forms the base of your service or products

Multimedia apps – visual or art, any type of entertaining experience you want your app to focus on

Education and news apps – education-specific app for a certain level of class, or a newsfeed focused app

Online booking apps – streamlined and interactive booking platform for all ranges of automated booking systems

Education and news apps – education-specific app for a certain level of class, or a newsfeed focused app


  • Detailed Discussion – A comprehensive discussion with the client that lets us understand what they need, what are their goals, to define our strategy and way ahead.
  • Design & Development – The team gets down to the business, puts in their energy, thought, inventiveness and excellence to deliver the desired product.
  • Testing & Approval – We test, go for needful changes, send for approval, then again formulate the suggestion and have the final product ready as required, within the timeframe and budget.
  • Launch & Support – Post development launch and after-support service, we are well-placed to handle each and every aspect thoroughly.


  • Transparency in our approach, and promptness with ease of communication makes us one to work with flexibly.
  • Support, admiration and continuous business partnerships with plethora of existing clients, not to mention top ratings on wide business platforms.
  • The apps we have developed not only received good feedback from the clients, but are loved by their customers and have worked wonders to increase their influence and presence in the market.
  • Years of technical excellence, knowledge-driven approach, with a team of high-quality in-demand developers.
  • Our quest for creating forward-thinking, human-interaction based, distinctive products that are equally proficient in design and performance.
  • Time-tested in handling small to complex projects with ease, crafting solutions that go way beyond what the clients seek. Wider scope across industries, meaning we have the knowledge, resource and an eye for detail specific to the industry you are working in.