Five Ways To Rank Your Product Higher On Amazon

Having a higher ranking of your products on amazon is a must when it comes to sales of the product. It is essential for the product to appear sooner upon searching with a keyword for its probability to be higher for selling. There are various factors that influence the ranking of a product on amazon.

  1. Customer Reviews: Customer review is very important in case of pushing up the ranking of a product on amazon. Higher and better the quality of the customer reviews on the product, better the chances are for the product to rank up on the platform.

2. Answered Questions: The ranking of product is also        improved in case there are answered questions                related to the product. It helps in better conversion        as it helps in clarifying doubts of the consumer                which gives them a better understanding of the              product thereby increasing the chances of it getting      sold.


3. Image size and quality:  Having images in line with        the guidelines set by image and a high-quality                image with 100X100 px will help in better chances of      ranking at top positions on amazon. A higher                    resolution image will help in showcasing the                    product image better upon zooming. A better-                quality image is key to developing confidence                  among customers thereby promising better sales.

4. Product listing completeness: Having a product             listed completely and accurately as per guidelines           issued by amazon can help in pushing up the                   product to the front. It is highly recommended to           complete each and every field in the listing setup           page.

5. Product description: A accurate product description      plays an important role in increasing engagement          and conversion. A correct product description helps        in educating the consumer about the product                  correctly. Right and detailed information will help in      building confidence and is more convincing in lulling      customers to buying the product.