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Local SEO Services

For the past 6 years, we have been actively providing local search engine optimization services that help local businesses achieve the desired local search results. We develop local SEO strategies that are flexible for businesses and budgets of all sizes.

Best SEO Company

Local Optimization

If you want to make your website local SEO compliant, then as a local seo service provider, we can help you with this. We create strategies that target the audience in your community driving them to your store and website offering increased sales.

Content Creation

We create locally optimized content for your local SEO campaign that helps drive more customers to your website. We have a team of experienced content writers with a deep understanding of creating local content.

Landing Pages

For creating a strong online presence, you need to focus on creating a strong website. As a best web design company, our skilled design team focuses on developing websites that are a mirror of their business.

GMB Listing Optimization

Google my Business listing is the hallmark of local search and has the key information about the business. We strategically optimize The GMB listings to maximize exposure on the local search result pages and within Google Maps.

Reputation Management

Positive online reviews in-turn helps in boosting the customer trust for making your business website look reliable. At Big Faction, as a best local seo company help in protect your brand image and turning your happy customer reviews into marketing opportunities with the help of effective online review strategies.

Local Citations

Local citations have info like business name, address, phone number, and website. Our top local seo expert fix, create, and clean your local listings to help you rank higher as well as get your business listed on all necessary directories.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising helps boost your success in the local market. Our team creates, implements, and manages local campaigns from the ground up to help your business get the desired local results instantly. We have managed various local campaigns and can help you too.

Schema Markup

Schema markup helps search engines better understand your content and present it in search results. We help translate your website content into a language that helps search engines better understand and rank it higher.

Local Link Building

Apart from reaping the benefit of relevant links, local link building can pave the way for your business to become a reliable resource for the local audience. At Big Faction, we aim to make your way for that. Join hands with us now!

How Local SEO Services Help Your Business Grow

There are various benefits you get when you hire Big Faction for best local SEO services.




Increase local Online Visibility

Most people search online to find local products/services, and many of them do not go past the first page of the search results. Our local search engine marketing services work to boost your page rankings helping you get on the first page and increase your online visibility.




Increase Web Traffic, Leads, and Sales

If you are a local business, obtaining website visits and leads from customers in different cities, states, or countries will not help in building your business. With our localized SEO, you can increase traffic from customers in your specific service area. This means you get higher web traffic, leads, and sales.




Provide Targeted Geographic Campaigns

Consumers today are demanding and expect personalized online experiences. With local seo consultants, you can easily focus campaigns to exceptionally small, localized groups of people to generate success.

Make You Stand Out From Competitors

Approximately 50% of businesses use local SEO services. This offers you an immense opportunity to move ahead and stand out in listing directories, maps, social media, and local searches.

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Why Hire a Local SEO Company?

For various small businesses and local businesses, digital marketing strategies and social media presence is a must. If you are looking to grow your business in today’s changing market landscape, you need to have a good understanding of local search ranking factors and keep yourself updated on the algorithms. We know it is difficult for you and we are here to help.

Big Faction is an award-winning digital marketing company in India with 800+ case studies showing how we delighted our clients to help achieve business success. We help our clients get high rankings, traffic, leads, and sales. We have a modernistic outlook on local search engine optimization and all other digital points that make us different from other agencies.

Our local SEO campaign experts have great knowledge, industry experience, and use various technical SEO tools to understand your business from a local perspective. We also analyze your competitors, obtain accurate information about the performance of your current marketing strategies, audit your website, evaluate your local online presence, and create a robust local SEO strategy that helps increase your website traffic and leads.

Why SEO Big Faction Local SEO Services Are Best

Local SEO needs years of expertise and training to generate profitable results for the businesses and here at Big Faction, we have both. We help businesses boost their local business presence online and help generate conversions

Affordable Local SEO Services

Big Faction offers cost effective local SEO services that are performance-driven and reliable to ensure your website is instantly found by your customers. Our local SEO package is customized as per your business’s marketing requirements, annual revenue, and budget. Our local SEO experts analyze your current online presence and build local SEO service packages that provide a high ROI.

Expert Consultation

Our expert local SEO consultants schedule a monthly meeting with you to talk about your campaign results as well as about any additional local citations service, Google My Business optimization service, or local SEO solutions we need to employ to help you grow. You can call or email our local SEO professional at any time in case you have anything to discuss. The better we understand your needs, the more we will be able to achieve your goals.

Google Analytics Reports

We are the best Local SEO agency in India that uses Google Analytics to trace your local SEO campaign performance, identify online visibility problems, and offer data-driven local SEO ideas to improve your campaigns. Our local SEO team monitors and assesses your local website traffic, bounce rate, page views, click through rates (CTR), and average session duration. Once we have tracked all measures, we  organize the Google Analytics findings providing you a clear outline of your campaign accomplishment.

Local SEO Guide

Understanding local search optimization can be tricky, particularly if you do not have a fundamental knowledge of SEO. As the best local SEO service provider in India, we make sure all our customers understand the aspects of their local SEO campaigns. Our local SEO experts create detailed local SEO guides and publish various case studies and articles consistently to help you stay abreast with the various local digital marketing models.

Trying to Get Noticed Can Be Exhausting

Millions of people search online to find local businesses and if your business does not show up in local searches, you miss out on a significant number of customers and sales. Also, Google continuously updates the way it displays local business results, making it hard to succeed at local searches. If you need to stay ahead of the curve, you just cannot focus on a single element of search, you need a robust local SEO strategy that grows your online visibility and drives more customers to your business.
At Big Faction, our job is to ensure that your customers find you locally and that you are always on top of their minds. Our SEO team understands the realms of local SEO and has been providing affordable local SEO service for the past two decades. Our local SEO experts stay updated on the changes in local search and adapt the strategies accordingly to help increase rankings, increase leads, and achieve revenue growth.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is a process to boost your business website and listings in online search results for customers in your locality. Any business that serves a geographic area can benefit from local SEO.

Local search encompasses all the search terms that say locals such as plumbers near me, doctors in (city name), restaurants near me, and so on. When you search for such terms, Google pulls historical data, checks cookies, looks at personalization factors to determine your location, and also uses the algorithms to understand the intent of your search query providing you search result pages. You intuitively click on the top results and find a good plumber, doctor, or a restaurant near you.

The main aim of Local SEO is delivering accurate and important information to the search engines. That way they can match your local business to the individuals searching for your services or products.

How Local Search Works

Local search is a way for search engines to offer the most relevant results to users which are calculated on various factors. Two major Google algorithms: Pigeon and Possum that dramatically impact local search results.

Understanding the local search market and how algorithm changes can influence your businesses is what Big FAction SEO team thrives on. Our experts know the changes that take place and understand what local search was before, during, and after the implementation of these updates. So, consider us the top local seo agency to help your business find tremendous local search success.

Did You Know?

of the Google searches include local intent

of users search online for local business

people use Google Maps to find local businesses

of Local searches result in purchases