Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card Services:-

What is Digital Business Card:-

Digital Business Cards are pretty ‘much same as the’ business cards – they are created and exchanged via the Internet instead of usual paper print. Digital Business Cards Bridge the gap when two people in a business interaction can’t be face to face. They replace the paper business card with an electronic one. They allow quick sending, receiving, and exchanging of contact information in place of a paper business card. A digital business card (also known as a virtual or electronic business card) is an online means of sharing contact information. Get your digital business card with a QR code in .

Use of Digital Business Card:-

Digital cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere—simply send the link over email, text, or social media. During a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet video call, you can hold up your QR code, and anyone in attendance can scan your code and will have instant access to your card.

Some Important Advantages and Uses of Digital Business Visiting Card:-

  • Quick and Easy Access. Clients can get quick access to your key contact information provided on the digital business card.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Easy to Share.
  • Stand Out.
  • Attach Media.
  • Unlimited Space.
  • Easy Update.
  • Easy Customization.

Digital Business Card service we provide:-

  • We create Bright Colors and Eye Catching Designs for your Digital Business card.
  • We make your card with detailed, make them Infographic and create specific hyperlink.
  • We create hyperlink to redirect the website of your business perfectly.
  • Our Content writers Creates attractive Titles and contents by filling all the detailed information about your business and telling them about your products.
  • We also design your Business name and Logo to look attractive.