Types Of
Digital Marketing

With a boom in the usage of internet by people in the world, and growing demand of using the internet to spread the word to people about products and services, digital marketing plays a crucial role in today’s times.  The world wide web is now the most powerful tool to help in identifying target audience for any product, thereby helping ‘in’ boosting the sales of the product, with the help of digital marketing.
Digital marketing involves many different tools that together can help in bringing big and positive changes to a business, when performed correctly.

digital marketing

Types of digital marketing include:

1. Content Marketing: If a brand provides content that aims in providing a clearer and thoughtful message or solution to problems of people or their needs. and helps in establishing a connection with the heart and mind of the people, it is regarded as a successful content marketing campaign. A successful marketing campaign is the first step towards audience engagement and in turn acts as an influence on customers to invest in their products and services.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This goes hand in hand with content marketing. SEO is known to rank content in a way that appears in your top searches of your search engines. It involves usage of keywords in our content that can help in making our content reach the top in search engines.

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3. Social Media Marketing (SMM): As the name suggests, this method of promotion and marketing uses social media as a platform to run campaigns. This involves both organic and paid advertisements, and sometimes both together.

4. Paid Advertisement: Similar to advertising on social media, advertisements can also be posted on google and other search engines, as well. Paid advertisement have different payment models. Two most used models are:
PPC (Pay per click) – This method involves buying of clicks on an advertisement by bidding in a keyword auction.
CPM (Cost per mile) – This method is based on impressions. It is generally beneficial for short tail keywords.

5. Email Marketing: Advertisement and marketing can also be done using emails. Interesting contents through newsletters can help in maintaining interest among subscribers and users there by making it an effective tool to hold attention of users and retain customers.

6. Affiliate Marketing: This type of marketing is a commission-based marketing technique where in you help in selling off a product by recommending it and helping its sale. A percentage of how much you help in selling out is paid to you as a part of affiliate marketing.

7. Influencer Marketing:  Marketing with the help of social media influencers can be another promising technique in carrying out a successful marketing campaign. Influencers may use their large audience base and help in pushing out products and services by influencing them.

Although there are a many types of digital marketing strategies, the above mentioned are the most used in order to help boost sales and carry out a successful campaign. Types Of Digital Marketing.