eBay Faq

Ebay is a global marketplace. You can create your own storefront on this ecommerceplatform and reach out to millions of buyers around the world. Ebay also offers full support to sellers on its platform.

The world becomes your market when you open an eBay store. Ebay also provides full support with tools to manage their storefront. You pay a nominal amount but returns are quite high. You do not need to put in much efforts to sell since millions of people search ebay for products and buy right here. 

Ebay has a defined sort order for store inventory items. It applies to both fixed price and auction style listings. The two categories are differentiated and the sort order results are maintained even when the order is changed. It starts all over again at the items sections of store inventory. 

Log into your ebay account and click on sell button at the top. A page opens showing sell your item form. You complete the process following the steps. You can also list in bulk using ebay tools such as TurboLister2 or Sellng Manager Pro. 

You can list in store inventory, in fixed price listing and auction style listing. All these will appear in your ebay store. It takes 24 hours for listing to go live on the store. 

You can use a variety of methods to get people to visit your ebay store. You can try out SEO tactics described at their page https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/listing-and-marketing/boost-traffic-with-seo.html to improve visibiity and get traffic. It is important to use right set of keywords to be found on internet searches. It is also recommended to make use of Universal Product Codes, European Article Numbers, ISBN and manufacturer part number in listing among other tactics.