How to register as a seller on eBay: step-by-step guide

Step 1. Create an eBay account

Ebay Seller Registration:-

How to create an account:

1. Open My eBay drop-down menu on any eBay page and select Selling.

Ebay Seller Registration

2. Choose a Personal or Business account, fill out the registration form and click Create account (or you can sign up using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account). After that, provide your contact information and select Continue.

3. You will be automatically redirected to My eBay. Now you need to register your account as an eBay seller account. Open My eBay drop-down menu and select Selling once again.

4. On the Selling Overview page, click the List an item button. You will be redirected to the Sell your item form.

5. Enter the name of you item and click Get started.

6. Featured items

Featured items are placed below your store’s description but above your main product inventory. You can choose which items are placed in your featured bar. Use this section to highlight particular items from your inventory. Choose your bestselling and most popular products, as well as items that summarize your inventory in the most attractive way. In addition, if you’re running a sale on selected products, we recommend featuring these items to enhance promotion.

How to feature your listings:

  1. Go to Store tab in Seller Hub.
  2. Choose Edit store in the left menu.
  3. On Shop tab click Select listing button.
  4. Choose the listing you want to recommend and the row in which the selected listings will be shown.

7. Enter your telephone number and verify it by providing a one-time security code.

8. After that, you can change your account type if necessary.

Step 2. Verify your account details

When you register as an eBay seller, your account details need to be verified. After that you’ll receive payouts directly to your bank account or to your Payoneer account depending on the country of your registration.