Snapdeal Sales Boost Services

While this new addition will act as a new source of revenue for the online marketplace, it will also provide sellers an effective medium to reach more customers and drive sales.

Snapdeal Boost Services

Snapdeal’s “The advertising tools will help our over-two lakh strong seller community simplify their business journey and boost overall revenue as more users discover their products.”

The company realized that many small sellers don’t have the bandwidth or knowledge about promoting their products. Hence, this advertising platform will enable those sellers to stand out minus the hassle.

“Engaging with sellers at various points of their business journey, we’ve realized that lack of marketing expertise or investments for elaborate promotions are some of the recurring concerns for their business. Snapdeal Ads platform addresses these through simplified advertisement panel that is integrated into the seller tools they already use today.”

In today’s competitive world, online marketplaces are investing heavily in advertising on offline mediums. So, it is inevitable that sellers will have to do the same, on a small scale at least. What’s great is that marketplaces are making ready platforms available to sellers that help to grab more eyeballs and boost sales.