Reinstatement Services

Amazon Reinstatement services is the act of giving someone back a position which has been taken away from them, means if your seller Account or ASINs on amazon gone suspended then We get your Seller Account or ASINs back again by giving our best Knowledge and Services we have.

Catalogue service for amazon

Reach shoppers interested in your products by listing on Amazon. Small, big, branded or unbranded – Any kind of business never stops growing on Amazon. List your products on Amazon with our help today and get faster & more genuine orders. If you don’t have any idea about how to manage product titles, descriptions, and categories, then you are in the right place. Big Faction List your products in the way that your products visible for large number of consumers on Amazon Marketplace.

Catalogue Service for Meesho

Sell your products online on Meesho as a Meesho seller and start selling to crores of customers across India. We help you to increasing the reach of your brand on Meesho to more customers and you receive orders for your products from all over India. With our Service you can easily sale your products under less difficulty and under the policy and Guidelines of Meesho.

Intellectual property for Rights Owner

IPR Registation service : Amazon is dedicated to ensuring that products on its marketplaces do not violate or infringe a Rights Owner’s intellectual property (IP) rights. Rights Owners can report infringing content they find on Amazon and share answers to frequently asked questions on how Amazon handles infringement complaints. A Rights Owner includes any person (such as a brand, a seller, a customer or any third party) who legitimately owns Intellectual property rights(IPR) for the product in question.

Late Dispatch Rate

LDR/ODR( Late Dispatch Rate)  is all orders with a ship confirmation that is completed after the expected ship date as a percentage of total orders over both a 10-day or 30-day period. Late Shipment Rate only applies to seller-fulfilled orders. It’s important to confirm the shipment of orders by the expected ship date so that customers can see the status of their shipped orders online.

Shiprocket Integration

Shiprocket Integration is India’s most-used eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution for the best courier services. Shiprocket allows you to integrate multiple channels such as WooCommerce, Shopify , Magento , Amazon etc.

Web Development

Are you running a business for a long time but still haven’t been to the online route? Do you want to take your business to its next stage of success? Do you want to create a website right from scratch or revamp your existing one? Whatever field or industry you want your website to be built in, with our qualified web developers and designers at Big Faction you will find web solutions that go beyond your expectations in terms of performance and usability.