Traditional Vs

Digital Marketing

With over seventy percent people accessing the internet round the world with majority of them using the internet for six hours and above can pose to have a potential for using world wide web to market products and services. This is called digital marketing. Digital marketing includes a plethora of tools to achieve the best of results out of an advertising campaign.

Before the world was overpowered by the Internet, marketing of products had a different approach, called the conventional or traditional approach of marketing. Traditional marketing has been a part of our lives and will continue to do so in the future, but it now holds a lesser chunk of share in the world of advertising due to dominance of internet in our lives. Many organizations now heavily invest on digital marketing for faster results and acquisition of data that can drive them towards better results.

digital marketing

While traditional marketing has been a tried and tested tool in the world of marketing and has been a practice since ages, it possesses limitations that have now been easily covered up by digital marketing. Digital marketing is known to have many advantages over traditional marketing.

Basis of difference

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing


Involves traditional channels of marketing and communication for marketing

Involves marketing and communication using digital platforms involving the internet

Cost Effectiveness

A high budget is involved in advertisement

Even a small budget yields great and broad results that can help in detailed analysis of target audience


Any well-known established company has preference to benefit from traditional advertisement due to already well settled position in the market

Digital marketing provides equal opportunity to all companies from big to small across platforms

Audience Interaction

Direct interaction with audience through traditional marketing is somewhat difficult

Direct communication with audience is much easier in digital marketing. It is much easy to reach out and communicate through internet, just, with the touch of a button.

Lead Conversion

Conversion of leads into customers are slower due to slow communication and lack of proper insights

Lead conversion is higher due to availability of precise insights and easier communication and response to advertisements

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is very low in this type of marketing because it is generally not possible for direct interaction

It is much easier for audience engagement on digital platforms because of the presence of internet which enables quick and ready communication


Getting information and data about audiences from traditional advertisement is near to impossible. It takes a long time to gather information about audience using the traditional method

With digital marketing it is easier to get data about our potential consumers making it easier to narrow down our target audience and helps in further development of strategies