What Do You Mean By Amazon FBA? Its Pros & Cons

Have you ever sold any product on Amazon? You definitely heard about Amazon FBA or fulfillment By Amazon. With the arrival of FBA, Amazon will do the heavy lifting, and Amazon sellers just do their other chores. Amazon is responsible to pack and deliver out all the orders placed for your products. And the major benefit of FBA is that Customer care is handled by Amazon employees.

All these benefits are just a glimpse of Amazon’s FBA program. But for this amazing facility seller has to pay. Let’s check out how the Amazon FBA Program is beneficial for you and how it will affect your work and understand the program from the bottom to the top.

What do you mean by Amazon FBA?

When a seller starts selling on Amazon, a seller has some options:

  1. They can pack and deliver the product themselves (Fulfilment by merchants or reseller fulfilled prime).
  2. Or, they can use the FBA facility for storage, packing, and shipping

Pros of Amazon FBA

  1. Customer support
  2. The buy box benefits
  3. Quick and unconfined shipping with amazon prime

Cons of Amazon

  1. Chargeable service
  2. Inventory management

Let’s discuss Amazon FBA pros and cons: Pros

    1. Customer support

    If you are taking benefits of Amazon FBA services, you will be free from customer issTues. Amazon handles customer on the behalf of you and fixes their problems. Amazon provides 24 7 customer support and handles customers’ returns and inquiries.

    1. The buy box benefits

    Have you a professional Amazon account? If yes, you are eligible to take advantage of the buy box. You will win the buy box. This buy box will help to boost the massive sale of your product.

    1. Quick and unconfined shipping with amazon prime

    Every single second Amazon delivers their product with the speed of light with the help of Amazon prime and fulfills customers’ needs. Amazon FBA seller has this benefits automatically when they join it.


  1. Chargeable service

This is not shocking that Amazon FBA is a chargeable service. This is because of the storage fee which would be genuine.

  1. Inventory management

Track your inventory is quite difficult when you are not directly engaged in the sales process. Amazon will reduce the product visibility and ranking if your product is out of stock which will impact your sales. You should analyse your inventory report daily if you want to be on top.